Property Rentals

Our commission rates are market related and we offer special rates to investors with bigger portfolio’s.

Option 1 – Placement

  • Sourcing & Intensive Screening of Potential Tenants
  • Provide constant feedback to Landlord with regards to Leads Received
  • Attend to viewings and regular reporting on outcome of viewings conducted
  • Drafting of the Lease Agreement
  • Collection of the first month’s rent & deposit
  • The Landlord will then take over the Management of the Tenant and perform all day-to-day administration.

Option 2 – Monthly Management (Recommended Option)

  • For a slightly higher fee than the Placement, we provide full day-to-day administration. This includes all the services as per option 1
  • Handle all administration for the full duration of the Lease
  • Assist with any Maintenance Issues
  • Debt Collection
  • Attend to Monthly Levy, Rates & Taxes, and other accounts payable from the Rental Income
  • Please feel free to contact our office to discuss the options in more details. We will be delighted to assist. Commission Rates can also be negotiated, depending on the size of a investors rental portfolio.

We can also combine the full Rental Option with Scheme Management. This would be a combined option to consider for Investors/Landlords who are the sole owner (100% ownership) of multiple units on one erf.
A Body Corporate or Homeowners Associations will only form when one or more unit is sold to another party and the original investor no longer owns the full scheme or Estate.