Sectional Title & Homeowners Association Management

As per the Sectional Title Act, Sectional Title Schemes must appoint a Managing Agent to assist with the day-to-day administration.

Homeowners Association are governed by the Memorandum of Incorporation.

We can assist Developers, Trustees & Directors with the management of their Sectional Title Scheme & Estate.

We have knowledge of setting up a new Body Corporate & Homeowners Association. The setup process can be a daunting task and therefor if not handled correctly and in a professional manner it can create future issues. As a Managing Agent we rely on the Sectional Title Act, Management Rules & Memorandum of Incorporation.

Our modern-day Management Software allows for complete transparency. Records of all communication between the Agency, Owners & Trustees/Directors is securely kept and backed up to a cloud server. The software options are endless, and the Developers are full compatible with our needs as a Managing Agent.

Please refer to the attached schedule that contains our service fees.